Dr. Rick Davis
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Dr. Rick Davis

About This Project

Growing up the son of an Air Force pilot, Dr. Davis graduated from high school in Toyko, Japan, and attended college at the University of Washington.  He graduated from the University of Washington dental school and entered the Air Force as a general dentist in 1978.  Dr. Davis maintained a general dental practice in the United States Air Force from 1978 until he retired from active duty in 1999 (pictured below in a retirement photo with his father).  During that time, he completed the Air Force one-year AEGD residency and two-year Advanced General Dentistry Residency.  In addition, he completed a fellowship in biomaterials at the University of Indiana.  During his 21 year Air Force career, Dr. Davis served as a clinical instructor, research director and lecturer for twelve years.  He has published a number of scientific articles and research abstracts, as well as textbook chapters, and has lectured on a variety of scientific topics.  Following retirement from the Air Force in 1999, he completed the graduate program in endodontics at the University of Oregon in 2001.

Following his post-doctoral training, he joined his former Air Force colleague and long-time friend, Dr. Rick Schwartz, in practice and since that time has maintained a private practice limited to endodontics in San Antonio, Texas.  His free time is spent primarily with his children, Kathleen and Collin.  He enjoys sports and recreation of all kinds and when he isn’t driving his kids to their sports activities, he likes to run and mountain bike.