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We strive for clinical, administrative, and technological excellence in every facet of our practice. It comes from years of experience in the profession and through the use of the latest advances in endodontic technology. We take great pride in being a state of the art
endodontic practice.

We are state of the art

Our office offers a progressive, proactive approach to resolving your dental problems. This website allows your doctor to send us referral information about you as well as digital x-rays.  It allows you to fill out the medical history and other forms ahead of time. All this information is encrypted and automatically entered into your electronic chart. We are, essentially, a “paperless office.” Each treatment room is equipped with the latest technology including operating microscopes. We utilize digital radiography rather than traditional x-ray films, so you are exposed to 80-90% less radiation during radiography procedures. We also utilize 3D imaging with some patients. We monitor all the latest information in our field and utilize the latest technology in the diagnosis and treatment of your root canal problems.

Digital Radiography

Digital imaging enables us to capture images and instantly view them.  We can vary
the contrast and magnify the image for greater detail.  Digital images can be shared electronically with referring doctors as well as insurance providers to simplify and improve the efficiency of your care.  Furthermore, digital radiographs expose patients to significantly less radiation than conventional x-ray films.

Limited Field 3D Imaging

Dental 3D imaging allows us to view the teeth in all dimensions.  We can enlarge the images, change their contrast, examine them from any angle and essentially “look completely through the tooth”.  There are many benefits to our patients.  Often times, difficult situations can be made much less complex and problems can be avoided. 
This increases the efficiency and predictability of treatment and improves chances for a successful outcome.  We use “focused field” 3D imaging which exposes patients to
only a fraction of the radiation from a medical CT.

Surgical Operating Microscopes

When performing microsurgery, there is no substitute for a magnified, brightly illuminated operating field.   This is provided through chair-side use of a surgical operating microscope.  By intensely magnifying the affected area, we can locate minute calcified root canals and small cracks, greatly enhancing success of the treatment.

Electronic Apex Locators

Locating the root end, where the root canal space meets the external portion of the tooth, is crucial to successful root canal treatment.  We use the most accurate of Computer-based Electronic Apex Locators on the market to aid us in accurately measuring the length of the root canals. Not only does this reduce the time our patients must spend in treatment, it also enables us to minimize the use of x-rays, saving their use for situations when only an x-ray will do.


At Endodontic Consultants we pride ourselves on incorporating the latest technologies.  The most recent addition is called Gentlewave.  It is used to clean and disinfect the tooth more thoroughly than can be accomplished by traditional methods.  It allows our doctors to complete many of the root canal procedures in a single visit.

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