Dealing with

traumatic injury to teeth

during the


Christmas is a time of joy and laughter.

However, in the excitement of the holiday season, children often sustain traumatic injuries to their teeth.

When a tooth is avulsed (knocked out),

the best thing to do is visit the dentist immediately. Endodontists are  dentists with special training in managing traumatic dental injuries.

Always handle an avulsed tooth carefully

and avoid touching the root.  Put the tooth in milk until you reach your dentist.

An endodontist will replant the tooth and stabilize it if necessary,

allowing the gums and bone to reattach and heal.

The condition of the tooth will be evaluated

and if necessary, a root canal treatment will be performed within two weeks.

The good news is that

if all procedures are done properly, and the tooth is managed correctly, even an avulsed tooth can last a lifetime.

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