Have a Single Dark Tooth?

There Are Ways to Bleach a Dark Tooth and Make It Bright White in San Antonio, Texas!

By Dr. Richard Schwartz

If someone you know has a single dark tooth, it usually results from a traumatic event, such as a sports injury that caused the pulp inside the tooth to die. This can make them self-conscious about  their smile.

Internal bleaching of two central incisors that turned dark after a traumatic injury

A particular chemical is placed inside the tooth to bleach it from the inside out.

Internal bleaching is one of the best alternatives for whitening a single dark tooth. 

The procedure

2. Bleaching chemicals are then applied to the dark tooth and typically left in place for a week. The discoloration is usually reversed within a few days.

3. After removing the bleaching chemicals, a white filling is applied to seal the access opening. Several internal bleaching sessions may be required for very dark teeth.

Internal bleaching is nearly 100% effective in children and adolescents and is usually effective in adults. The length of time the tooth has been discolored and the amount it has darkened influence the success rate.

A very dark tooth that required two bleaching sessions



Teeth with gray discoloration bleach more effectively than teeth with yellow/brown discoloration.

A gray tooth that bleached well

Did you know?



Internal bleaching is a highly effective method for lightening a single dark tooth.


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