Endodontic Surgery

Dentist doing endodontic surgery

Apicoectomy explained 

Sometimes a tooth with a failing root canal procedure can only be corrected by performing surgery, a procedure known as apicoectomy. This procedure is also referred to as “root-end surgery” or “root-end resection.” During the procedure, the end of the troublesome root is removed, along with inflamed and infected surrounding tissues. The ends of the root canals are then sealed with small fillings and a few sutures are precisely placed.

You may be a candidate for surgical endodontic therapy if: 

  • The initial root canal treatment did not eliminate pain or infection.
  • Some of the anatomy of the tooth was not accessible from inside the tooth.
  • Sometimes a large area of infection in the bone won’t heal without surgery.
  • Root resorption is present (a portion of the root dissolves).
  • There is a broken instrument in the tooth that needs to be removed.
  • Biopsy is needed to identify suspicious areas of bone loss.

The idea of even very minor surgery can be intimidating. However, you can feel confident knowing that your oral health is in good hands when you choose Endodontic Consultants of San Antonio in Texas.  Dr. Rick Davis and Dr. Rick Schwartz are trained and experienced endodontists who share a common goal of providing quality treatment with minimal patient discomfort. If you are concerned about an apicoectomy procedure, schedule your consultation by calling (210) 405-0473.