Traumatic Injuries

Treating Teeth with Traumatic Injuries in San Antonio, Texas

Endodontists have the best training to deal with teeth that have had traumatic injuries.  There are specific protocols that must be followed to the letter to get optimal results.  These protocols are continually evolving as new research is published.  Proper management is especially important for children and adolescents while the teeth are developing.  For kids with badly damaged teeth, the goal is to preserve the teeth at least into their 20s, when good replacement options become available such as implants.

Traumatic injuries can include:

  • Teeth that are avulsed (knocked out)
  • Teeth that are loosened
  • Part or all of the crown of the tooth is fractured
  • Teeth with root fractures
  • Teeth that are driven into the jaw bone

If the pulp tissue dies due to decay, infection or trauma, it stops the healthy, natural process of tooth development. As the roots develop over time, the tooth becomes stronger. The root canal space decreases in size, and the root’s walls thicken. When this process is arrested at a young age, the root remains relatively weak and subject to fracture. Fortunately, we offer procedures at Endodontic Consultants of San Antonio to promote further root development and strengthening. These procedures may include direct and indirect pulp capping, partial pulpectomy, pulpal regeneration, or apexification. Some of the procedures we perform prevent the need for root canal treatment.

When the roots are allowed to develop correctly, the odds of preserving natural teeth for a lifetime are dramatically improved. After the teeth are restored, no additional treatments are necessary as long as the treated area heals without complications. Only endodontists are equipped to perform these advanced procedures, and some patients travel a great distance for this care. Contact us at (210) 405-0473 to schedule your consultation.